Cloud Nine has now produced the work of 30 different playwrights. Its range of work includes a play walked and performed the length of the Roman Wall (Off the Wall), a short play performed for morning commuters on the Shields Ferry (Ships that Pass), a play centred on the Meadow Well riots of 1991 plus a four year programme of small scale new theatre performed at the Low Lights Tavern, North Shields, and other North Tyneside coastal venues.

It’s Cloud Nine’s 20th anniversary next year! Yes, hard to believe that we’ve been cramming the general public into diverse venues from the Low Light pub to the Surf Café to the Shields Ferry and the Whitley Bay Playhouse. And they have watched original drama each time, newly written to suit the venue and to give the audience something to consider, even if that consideration was ‘what was that all about?’

So, we are planning a celebration of still being here and still being critically regarded after 20 years. Have you been part of our journey at some point-maybe supplying the odd prop (and we have had some very odd ones from tin helmets to rubber bands) perhaps being wedged against the mantelpiece at the Low Light pub, perhaps being hustled in off the streets and asked to learn some lines? Whatever your connection we’d like to hear from you and hear your story. Also if you would like to reconnect with Cloud Nine and be part of the planning group for the 20th anniversary celebrations please email us- cloudninetheatre@blueyonder.co.uk

New writing is central to Cloud Nine’s work, and we are always keen to become involved in new initiatives. In the past, the Company has run a series of PLAY DAYS to workshop and perform extracts of new writers’ work and at present runs playwriting workshops for new dramatists. We have already brought one workshop play to full production. We are keen to discover more writers who can deliver good scripts for these small-scale productions.

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Cloud Nine has no connection to Cloud Burst Theatre Company which also operates out of North Tyneside.

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